Using online content marketing to build engagement, loyalty and sales for your brand

Content Marketing for Codio

Content marketing is a massive growth area in online integrated communications. That’s why at Livewire, we specialise in creating and distributing all kinds of valuable, relevant, and engaging content to attract and retain your target audience. Once they’re engaged with your brand, they’re far more loyal and likely to buy from you again and again.

It’s also known as inbound marketing and it’s a range of online activities that are designed to bring visitors in, rather than you having to go out to get prospects’ attention – the old-fashioned interruptive marketing. Inbound marketing earns the attention of your prospects, makes your company or organisation easier to be found, and draws people to your website through engaging and informative content that’s unique to you.

All you need is a content marketing strategy and here’s how we’ll develop one for you.

Livewire’s content marketing, inbound marketing and social media outreach programmes are supporting the business to generate fresh interest. One of the most successful elements of the PR campaigns has been the identification of new ways we can use our collateral. Working collaboratively with Livewire has enabled new people to see what we do.

Denise Inwood, Managing Director, BlueSky

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A unique content marketing strategy

First, we evaluate your particular needs in the market and align these with your objectives. We’ll look at your current marketing content: what’s working for you, what isn’t, and where you have opportunities to further leverage the content you’ve already created.

We’ll examine the effectiveness of your current content and see how well it’s performing – social shares, on page metrics, back links and conversions. We’ll also rate your content in terms of length, subject matter, relevance, timeliness and overall value. Finally, we’ll evaluate all of this data along with the content activities of your major competitors and build the results into our thinking when creating your content marketing strategy.

When devising your unique content marketing programme, we’ll firstly identify your campaign goals and set out a plan for content improvement. As our programme rolls into action, Livewire will create and market SEO-optimised ‘sticky’ information and content about you and your products and services, as well as news, industry developments and trends.

This unique content will include website blogs, videos, whitepapers, guidance documents, top tips, expert comment and research – all of which will help make your audience more intelligent and position you as a thought leader. Our online PR services could also include the coordination of webinars, google hangouts and live streaming events.

The result: consistent, ongoing valuable information delivered to your customers and prospects who will ultimately reward you with their loyalty and repeat business – which means improved sales and profitability for you and a better ROI.

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Case Study: Codio

Raising the profile of cutting edge tech start-up Codio.

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