Creating brand advocates to build relationships with your future prospects, leads and customers

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Here at Livewire, we’re experts at helping clients drive support for and interest in their organisation or initiative through carefully crafted and executed advocacy programmes. These turn a simple one-way marketing channel into multiple promotional conversations, with the end result being more loyal customers all with a higher lifetime value.

These brand advocates are people who publicly support or recommend a particular cause or policy you’re proposing. They can play a key role in engaging and building relationships with your future prospects, leads and customers.

Livewire has been instrumental in significantly extending our reach into UK schools through its stakeholder and influencer relations PR campaigns. Introductions to significant bodies such as the British Computer Society, NAACE, Computing at Schools and OCR, and subsequent joint marketing initiatives have enabled us to achieve instant market penetration and dialogue with schools keen to adopt Codio, our cloud-based coding and content platform.

Freddy May, Founder, Codio (education start-up)

Building your brand advocacy programme


First of all, we examine the current situation, evaluating your needs and objectives, finding out more about your target audience and getting to know your existing brand advocates – people who already know you and your company or organisation, and are happy to advocate on your behalf.

A good starting point is to maximise the opportunities offered by these existing brand advocates. We’ll look at making the most of interview opportunities, case studies and articles by-lined to these advocates, as well as guest speaker slots and panel positions where they can support and advocate for your cause.

Along with these activities, we’ll do all we can to grow your brand advocate list. On top of this, we’ll use our well-established relationships with key industry figures who share the same target audience to further extend their reach.

The results of a brand advocacy programme can be impressive with an excellent long-term ROI. There will be greater awareness of your brand, more referrals and recommendations, and a commensurate effect on social media – more likes, tweets, shares and comments for your brand.

All in all, you will benefit from much more loyal customers with a higher lifetime value – which is great for business and your brand reputation.

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Case Study: Turning Technologies

Creating global brand advocates for Turning Technologies.

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